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Accreditation Services That You May Need!

Accreditation Services
Accreditation Services
Accreditation Services

Why go for Accreditations?

Accreditations services can are vital. As you grow and start to seek larger jobs with bigger clients, they will often require you to hold one of these (or other) accreditations. These delve into your health and safety systems and documentation to ensure you can satisfy their standards.

Once you have an Accreditation, you will find that more work becomes available for you to tender. If your goal is to grow and obtain bigger jobs, we can help you get there.

As a contractor, you excel in your trade, however, you may find this type of thing difficult. Luckily, this is our day job and it’s what we do best.

We will ensure that your documentation and evidence meet the standards required to achieve your accreditations. We will resubmit if required and guarantee that you get there.

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With your Accreditation in place, you can expect to be accepted to achieve a lot more business. You may also find that the larger companies insist that you are audited to ensure that what you say will happen, really happens on the job site.

Don’t panic, we do that too. Site visits and auditing is a staple part of our daily work. We generate site visit reports that you can pass onto your larger client to satisfy their requirements. Whatever frequency of visit they need, we can accommodate you.

By satisfying one accreditation body, you will also find that the others are satisfied as well, they all have their own specific needs but the bulk of the work will be done.

Contact us for more information as the needs of large contractors as well as the accreditation companies vary, we can help you to make sense of it all.

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