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Suicide First Aid Intervention

  • Course Duration: 1 Day
  • Course Location: Gaskell Safety Training Centre, Burton-on-Trent 
  • Course Cost: £125 + VAT

Upcoming Dates

3rd March 2022
20th July 2022
25th October 2022

Suicide First Aid Intervention Course Overview

This qualification will cover the following topics:

 Learning outcomes

· Understand suicide behaviour, impact and the ‘ripple effect’

· Learn what is meant by a ‘first aid approach’ to suicide intervention

· Appreciate the complex factors which contribute to thoughts of suicide

· Improve questioning and listening skills and gain the confidence to discuss intentions and options openly

· Learn to recognise the signs that someone may be at risk of suicide

· Know what next steps to take to keep someone safe – informal and formal interventions

· Consider self-care when helping others in crisis



Due to the subject matter being sensitive for many, there is a possibility that emotional responses are triggered. Emotional triggers are very normal and understandable, however, the course is for education and learning of the subject. If you believe the subject matter has the potential to cause a painful emotional response, you may wish to reconsider your participation at this time.

Ensure you are comfortable and hydrated, and limit distractions where possible, prior to the course commencing.

No formal entry requirements – a good understanding of English is required.

The above program is a reasonably new concept and is a collaboration between the National Centre for Suicide Education and Training, and MHFA to deliver the SFA Courses by suitably qualified trainers. 

The course is externally verified by the City & Guilds and certification at Level 4 is possible following all modules of the SFA Understanding Suicide Intervention 1 day course.

 Who will benefit from attending this course?

The course is suitable for anyone looking to raise their awareness of suicide intervention. Delegates will learn skills that can be applied in any professional or personal setting.

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