Fire Marshal Training – Why is it important?

What is fire marshal training?

Fire marshal training is a half day course that provides candidates with all the knowledge they need about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire, what duties and responsibilities you have as a fire marshal and you also get practical experience with a fire extinguisher.

Who should take part in fire marshal training?

All persons who are delegated with the responsibility for implementing the premises evacuation procedure and who may be required, as part of the organisation’s fire routine, to operate a fire extinguisher. 

Why is Having a Fire Marshal Important?

Fire marshals are an essential way to reduce the risks of fire in the workplace. Fire marshals help by spotting any fire hazards immediately. They also have an important duty to ensure all fire fighting equipment.e.g. fire extinguishers are working correctly. A fire marshal should regulary check all fire alarm call points to ensure they work correctly so that everyone can be kept safe in the event of a fire. It is also important to ensure in the event of a fire everyone involved is evacuated from the building safely, quickly and effectively.

What content does the course cover?

Here’s a break down of what the course covers:

  • Reasons for managing health and safety – moral, economic and legal 
  • Legal requirements for fire safety 
  • Fire hazards, including the fire triangle 
  • Fire precautions 
  • Role of a Fire Warden/Marshal 
  • Fire extinguishers 

How often should fire marshals be trained?

The fire marshal certificate expires after 3 years but it is advised that you take part in an annual refresher to make sure that the best practice is carried out in the event of a fire. Regular fire drills are also an important way toshow employees what to do in case there is a fire.

online fire safety training that gaskell safety offer

Gaskell Safety offer a range of fire safety e-learning that helps to give each candidate the correct training to understand any risks with fire safety.

These courses explain why fires occur and what actions you must take to help prevent them starting and the actions you must take when they do. By completing these courses you will be making your workplace a safer atmosphere.

Some of the fire safety e-learning courses we offer are:

  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Basic Fire Safety Awareness

Hopefully by reading this blog you understand why having a fire marshal in your workplace is important and what the training covers.

Gaskell Safety offer a range of Fire Safety e-learning courses which have been linked in the section above, we also offer a classroom training fire marshal course.

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