IOSH Managing Safely – Everything you need to know

What is IOSH Managing Safely?

IOSH Managing Safely is a health and safety course designed for all supervisor and manager roles within an organisation. The course is designed to give employers and employees the knowledge and confidence to deal with any type of health and safety situation in the workplace. The IOSH Managing Safely is a 3 day course that covers several health and safety topics in depth and is classroom based. Our IOSH Managing Safely will enhance all aspects of health and safety in your work and become a major benefit not only to you as an individual but to your company as a whole.

Who Should Take Part In Managing Safely?

Anyone in any industry wanting or needing to learn the health and safety basics should take part in this course. If you carry a large responsibility as a supervisor or manager within the workplace, IOSH Managing Safely is a great qualification to have.

Why Is IOSH Managing Safely Important?

Between 2016/2017 and 2018/2019 an estimated 1.1 million workers suffered with work related ill health or injury in the workplace. The workplace cost the UK economy an estimated £15billion in 2017/2018 with agriculture and construction being two of the most high risk sectors, this cost is estimated to be similar for 2018/2019.

As managers in your business health and safety should always be a vital part of your work, although hazard and risk is inevitable it can be minimised within the workplace. There are many responsibilities to take into consideration as a manager or supervisor in a workplace, as well as ensuring you complete your job correctly, you are also responsible for those underneath you. You must ensure that not only all work is carried out but that it is done in the most appropriate way to reduce risk, it doesn’t matter what sector of work you are in, risks are everywhere.

The IOSH course is important to teach managers how to implement new controls and any changes that may be required within their department of work. IOSH being the worlds biggest health and safety membership organisation, this course is recognised worldwide.

What Content Does The Course Cover?

IOSH Managing Safely is a 3 day course and it covers all aspects of health and safety that you need to know to be able to implement health and safety effectively at your workplace. The overall aim of the course is to ensure all companies understand how to comply with health and safety policies and government legislations.

Here’s a breakdown of the content that the course covers:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Risk Assessments
  • Risk Control
  • Understanding Responsibilities
  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Common Hazards
  • Investigating Accidents and Incidents
  • Measuring Performance

What are The Benefits Of IOSH Managing Safely for my business?

There are many benefits of IOSH Managing Safely for your business:

  • Greater productivity in the workplace and a result in less hours lost to sickness and accidents
  • Improved safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures throughout the organisation
  • Continuous positive staff involvement to improve the workplace
  • Internationally recognised certification for managers and supervisors
  • Enhanced reputation within the business


What Are the benefits of iOSH Managing Safely as an employee?

There are many benefits for you as an employee:

  • Makes sure you understand how to assess and control risks and hazards
  • Provides understanding of your own responsibilities for safety and health
  • Alows you to investigate incidents
  • Encourages you to measure your own performance
  • Allows for personal reflections on good practice

By reading this blog hopefully you have a better understanding about IOSH Managing Safely course and what it covers.

If you think you would benefit from this course then click here to view our next IOSH Managing Safely course dates.

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