IOSH Working Safely – Your Questions Answered

What is IOSH Working Safely?

IOSH Working Safely is a one day course that covers the basics of health and safety. IOSH Working Safely looks at all different types of health and safety responsibility people have within the workplace, including workplace hazards and risks and what safety measures can be put in place to control them.

Who Should take part in working safely?

This course is for anyone in any sector of work wanting to learn the basics of health and safety. The course is also ideal for members of your safety committee to give them an understanding of Health & Safety to give them confidence in carrying out their role.

Why is IOSH Working Safely Important?

IOSH Working Safely provides candidates with the basic knowledge and essentials of health and safety. It is an essential course to be able to understand the grounding of health and safety within a workplace and to be able to work better to protect yourself and colleagues from any potential danger and risk within your workplace.

As an employer it is important to provide your employees with the correct training as you are partly responsible for their safety in the workplace, it is important to ensure that everyone understands the precautions and procedures they should take if they have any issues or dangerous situations regarding health and safety at work.

IOSH Working Safely raises awareness in the workplace and therefore the level of risk is minimised as all employees have a better understanding on how to implement certain controls and measures at work, allowing certain employees to show their level of responsibility and to maybe progress to a role in the future that includes more responsibility.

In 2018/2019 28.2 millions days were lost at work due to work related ill health, non fatal injuries. There were 147 workers killed in 2018/2019. These statistics just put into perspective how important it is to have the correct health and safety knowledge at work.

What Content does the course cover?

The course covers content including:

What are the benefits of IOSH Working Safely For My Business?

There are many benefits of IOSH Working Safely for a business including:

  • Not many hours of work lost due to the course as it is delivered in only one day.
  • More engagement with health and safety in the workplace so less hours lost due to sickness and accidents
  • Improved organisation- greater awareness of safety culture and appreciation of safety measures
  • Certificate of IOSH Working Safely is recognised worldwide
  •  Creates a better reputation for the company and shows they are following the correct health and safety guidelines.

What are the benefits of iOSH Working Safely As an Employee?

Benefits of IOSH Working Safely for any delegate are:

  • Gives delegates a greater understanding of how to define hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Teaches delegates how to spot a common hazard
  • Improves awareness and safety culture of each employee
  • IOSH Working Safely certificate is awarded to all successful delegates

Hopefully this blog has gave you a better understanding of IOSH Working Safely and why it is a helpful qualification to have.

If you think you would benefit by taking part in this course then click here to view our next course dates.

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